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Pius VII 1804 Medal Mint Visit

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Pius VII 1804 Medal Mint Visit Photo

41mm bronzed copper, by Droz. A Paris Mint original strike. About Uncirculated condition. On the visit of Pope Pius VII to the Paris Mint. This medal is described in the following article:

"Then His Holiness went to visit the Medal Mint. He examined in the greatest detail all the operations which precede the minting of medals, that is to say, the forges, the rolling mills, the cutters for preparing the flans. After he reached the presses, the first medal was struck in gold and presented to him by M. Denon, director of the Medal Mint. It represents His Holiness wearing the tiara and pontifical robes, with this legend: PIUS VII, P.M. HOSPES NEAPOLIONIS, IMP. [Pius Seventh, Pontifex Maximus, guest of Napoleon, Emperor] On the reverse is this inscription: EN JANVIER MDCCCV. S.S. PIE VII A VISITE LA MONNAIE DES MEDAILLES.

The second medal struck likewise represented the Holy Father, and on the reverse the Cathedral of Paris... Then the director had the large medal of the coronation of His Majesty the Emperor struck and gave it too to the Holy Father. The minting of the first two medals continued, and His Holiness distributed them to all his entourage.

Afterwards the director took him into the cabinet where are placed all the dies and punches of the medals struck in France from Louis XII to the Emperor Napoleon. His Holiness viewed with a lively interest that rich collection, perhaps unique, or at least the largest in Europe. The medal of the Holy Father executed by M. Droz, conservator of the establishment, joins to a striking resemblance a very precious work; one must hope that it will be possible to buy copies; everything connected to the great event which we have witnessed is a historical monument." "Le Moniteur Universel", 10 January 1805

As is well known, Napoleon brought Pius to Paris to preside over his coronation, and then he kept the pope as a "guest" for years.

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