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1983 Vatican Stamps: The Papacy and Art

1983 Vatican Stamps: The Papacy and Art Photo

Vatican 1983 mini-sheet commemorating the exhibition of art from the Vatican Collections in San Francisco and consisting of the following stamps:

  • 150 Lire, Greek cup: Oedipus and the Sphinx;
  • 200 Lire, Etruscan bronze: votive statue of a child;
  • 350 Lire, marble statue of Emperor Augustus;
  • 400 Lire, marble statue of the Good Shepherd;
  • 500 Lire, painting by Gentile da Fabri: St. Nicholas saving a ship;
  • 1200 Lire, painting by Georges Ronault: The Holy Face.
  • First Day canceled sheets and First Day Cover also available on request.

    Single Stamp
    John Paul II
    Scott 720
    Vatican City
    Nov. 10, 1983